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Leon Lovensky

cabinet de Lespinasse
Data management Specialist

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Lovensky is a data management specialist and a prominent member of the innovative and digital tools development team at Cabinet de Lespinasse. Holder of a first degree in electromechanical engineering, he started his career as a data professional almost 3 years ago after completing his specialization in data science at Ayiti Analytics. Since and until now, he has held various data professional positions such as business intelligence analyst, digital development consultant, M&E officer and project manager in several non-profit or private companies such as Digicel, ONU Women, CITE, Hope for Haiti, Ayiti Analytics.
Lovensky had no idea that his decision to change careers would lead him into the incredible world of data and digital transformation.
When he's not working, you'll find him volunteering and lending his data expertise to some of the nonprofits he's a member of, like the Internet Society's Great Haiti Chapter and its startup co-founded for democratizing the power of data mining for small and medium enterprises, VisAI.